Welcome to Lucy’s World

Lucy and Mozart prepping for the paparazzi!

Goldendoodles typically don’t shed a lot because they have hair and not fur. We got one of each – Lucy sheds, Mozart doesn’t. Go to a reputable breeder and speak to other people that have bought doodles from that breeder. Having a dog that doesn’t shed is a joy, but when we got Lucy, and she did not come from a good breeder, we fell in love instantly and I have gotten used to the fact that she leaves a trail of fur behind her. She is a first-generation Goldendoodle and when you go out to get one, get a later generation doodle – the more generations that the dog is from the original golden retriever-poodle mix, the better your chances that you will have more hair than fur. Poodles don’t shed.

Mozart was a rescue from Arkansas and we just got lucky. He doesn’t shed and his hair is lovely. We keep it short so that it doesn’t pick up burrs and other sticky things on his walks, but our house would be drowning in dog hair if he was a shedding dog too.

The bottom line is that love really does conquer all – even when you have to pick up the fur!